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Access Fertility programmes

  • Q:What is Access Fertility?

    Access Fertility offers IVF and ICSI treatment programmes with up to a 100% refund if you do not have a baby.

  • Q:Are you a clinic?

    We are not a clinic but partner with around 70 sites across the UK and Ireland to offer our IVF and ICSI treatment packages. You can find your nearest partner clinic by clicking HERE.

  • Q:Where will my treatment take place?

    Treatment will take place at your chosen partner clinic. You will need to contact one of our partner clinics to attend an initial consultation and have your investigatory tests. Once these are complete, and the results are available, we will be able to begin your application and treatment will take place at your selected clinic.

    You can find your nearest partner clinic by clicking HERE.

  • Q:Who can use Access Fertility’s programmes?

    Our Unlimited Programme is available to patients under 38.

    Our Refund Programme is available to patients under 40.

    Our Multi-Cycle Programme is available to patients under 45.

    Our Donor Refund Programme at either CARE or LWC is available to patients 49 and under. The Donor programme at Fertility Fusion and Manchester Fertility is available to patients 48 and under.

  • Q:What is the Unlimited Programme?

    The Unlimited Programme offers you as many IVF cycles as you need over two years with a 100% refund if you don’t have a baby, all for a fixed fee.

    This programme requires a medical review. If patients spend two years on the programme and do not have a live birth they receive a refund of 100% of their programme fee.

  • Q:What is the IVF Refund Programme?

    Our Refund Programme is available to patients under 40 using their own eggs and offers either 2 or 3 cycles of IVF or ICSI treatment.

    This programme is subject to a medical review and if patients go through all of the available cycles of treatment and do not have a baby they receive a refund of up to 100% of their programme fee.

  • Q:What is the Multi-Cycle Programme?

    Our Multi-Cycle Programme is available to patients under 45 using their own eggs. It offers the same discounted treatment as our IVF Refund Programme but is for up to four cycles.

    This programme does not require a medical review and there is no refund if you complete the programme without having a live birth.

  • Q:What is the Donor Refund Programme?

    Our Donor Refund Programme is available to patients using donor eggs. It offers either 2 or 3 cycles of ICSI treatment. These programmes are available at our CARE and London Women’s Clinic (LWC) partner clinics across the UK as well as at Fertility Fusion, Manchester Fertility and The Fertility & Gynaecology Academy. If patients complete their treatment allowance without having a live birth they receive a refund of up to 100% of their programme fee.

    Our Donor Refund Programme at CARE is available to patients 49 and under. The Donor programme at Fertility Fusion, LWC and Manchester Fertility is available to patients 48 and under.

    Our Donor Refund Programme at The Fertility & Gynaecology Academy is available to patients under 55.

    All the eggs at the CARE Fertility, The Fertility & Gynaecology Academy and LWC are frozen. At Fertility Fusion and Manchester Fertility, these would be fresh eggs.

    The programmes are subject to medical review and are not compatible with known donors. For further details please get in contact on 03300 10 20 40 or

  • Q:What age category would I be in?

    ​Your age is calculated on the day you make payment for the programme, which is the final step in the application process. You will be able to proceed with all treatment you are entitled to on the programme purchased regardless of any change in your age following this.

  • Q:What is included in your programmes?

    ​All of our programmes include the following:

    • Either 2 or 3 cycles of IVF or ICSI treatment (or a fixed two year period of IVF or ICSI treatment for patients on the Unlimited Programme)
    • Unlimited Frozen Embryo Transfers (FETs)
    • In-cycle bloods, scans and cycle monitoring
    • Mild sedation
    • Blastocyst Culture & Transfer
    • Freezing and one year of storage (per egg collection)
    • HFEA fee

    ​Other additions are often included but these vary between clinics. Please contact our Patient Advisors on 03300 10 20 40 or for clinic specific brochures.

  • Q:What is NOT included in your programmes?

    ​The main exclusions not covered in our programme are your initial consultation, any investigatory tests the clinic requires prior to treatment and your drugs.

    ​Medication (progesterone and oestrogen) is covered up to the first clinical pregnancy scan for both donor and recipient on our Donor Refund Programmes at  Fertility Fusion, London Women’s Clinics and Manchester Fertility. Medication on our donor programmes at CARE would be paid directly to the clinic.

  • Q:What is an Embryo Freeze-All?

    If all embryos are frozen, following egg collection and fertilisation, and no fresh embryo transfer takes place this is known as a freeze-all.

    Access Fertility’s treatment programmes cover an egg collection followed by a fresh embryo transfer with all remaining embryos being frozen for one year. If patients choose or are required to have an embryo freeze-all they would be required to a pay a higher fee.

  • Q:How much is the Freeze-All top up fee?

    If you have a freeze-all on our two cycle programmes (2-Cycle 50% Refund Programme or Multi-Cycle Programme) this would require a higher fee of £800. On all of our other programmes the fee would be £1,200.

  • Q:Do I need a Freeze-All?

    Access Fertility does not make any recommendations regarding treatment. The choice/need to have a freeze-all is something that the patient would discuss with the consultant at your chosen clinic.

  • Q:Freeze-All with PGT-A

    If planning on using PGT-A (Pre-implantation Genetic Testing for Aneuploidies) you will be required to have a freeze-all as all embryos will be frozen prior to the embryos being sent off for testing. This means that you would be required to pay the higher fee.

    The cost of PGT-A is not covered in the programme fee and the cost of this would be paid directly to your clinic.

  • Q:Do you offer IUI treatment programmes?

    ​No, our programmes are only available for IVF, ICSI and donor egg treatment.

  • Q:Can I use frozen embryos from previous treatment on your programmes?

    ​No, only embryos created on our programme would be covered by our programmes.

  • Q:Are your programmes compatible with shared motherhood?

    ​We require patients on our IVF Refund Programme and Multi-Cycle Programmes to carry the embryos collected during their egg collection. Unfortunately this means that shared motherhood/known donor/egg sharing is not compatible with our programmes.

  • Q:How long does it take to enrol?

    ​Our Unlimited and  IVF Refund Programmes take a maximum of two weeks to apply for due to the need to complete a medical review.

    ​Our Multi-Cycle Programme does not require a medical review and it is possible for applications to be completed within the same day.

  • Q:How long is your waiting list?

    ​Access Fertility is not a clinic so we do not have a waiting list. You would need to speak to your chosen clinic directly to confirm their wait times (if any).

  • Q:What are your success rates?

    ​We do not have success rates for our programmes but you can find the individual success rates of our partner clinics on the HFEA website. They are the governing body for IVF in the UK and compile data on all the clinics,

  • Q:What is a satellite clinic?

    You are able to have your initial consultation, tests and scans at satellite clinics but the bulk of your treatment (egg collection and transfers) will take place at the main clinic.

  • Q:When can I start treatment?

    ​Once you have signed your Agreement Form and made payment. The clinic will then be notified and you can decide with them when to begin treatment.

  • Q:Can I withdraw from the programme?

    You can withdraw at any time from the programme and may receive a partial refund.

  • Q:Do I have to fill out any paperwork?

    Yes, but everything is done electronically via your online patient portal so nothing is posted out to your address to print and sign.



Medical Review

  • Q:What is the medical review?

    To apply for any programme which has a refund element we perform a medical review to see which of our treatment programmes our medical team are able to offer.

    This is applicable to patients applying for our 50%, 70%, 100% Refund Programmes, our Unlimited Programme and our Donor Refund Programmes.

  • Q:How does it work?

    Our medical team will assess the results of any previous treatment and the investigatory tests conducted by your clinic. You do not need to meet with anyone from Access Fertility or conduct any additional tests.

    You will need to sign consent forms to give us permission to view your test results. We will then collect the medical data from the clinic, conduct an assessments and then call you to inform you of the outcome.

    We advise patients to call us on 03300 10 20 40 once they have been into their clinic for their initial consultation and received the results of their investigatory tests. Our patient advisors can then follow up with the clinic to ensure the Medical Review is completed swiftly.

  • Q:Do patient and partner have to sign the consent forms?

    Yes, you will each need to sign an online form. You will both be sent a link to our online portal. You will each need to create individual login details and sign either the Patient Consent Form or Partner Consent Form.

    If going through treatment solo, only the patient needs to sign their consent form.

  • Q:How long does it take?

    The medical review is done within a maximum of two weeks after we have received both of your signed consent forms.

  • Q:Is there a set criteria?

    No, our medical team look at everyone on a patient-by-patient basis using your test results, previous treatment history and any further information available to them.

    If you have had three or more cycles, the likelihood of being accepted on to one of the IVF Refund programmes is significantly lower.

  • Q:Do you have a BMI requirement?

    We do not have any criteria for BMI and we would proceed in line with what is medically recommended by your clinic. If they are happy to treat you, please make an application.

  • Q:How do I know if I am eligible or not?

    Once our medical team have concluded your review, whoever has been designated by as the main point of contact will be telephoned by one of our patient advisors. They will let you know which programmes the medical team have made you eligible (if any) and you can choose which programme to proceed with there and then or call us back after taking some time to consider. We will then send you the Agreement Form for the specific Programme you choose to proceed with.



  • Q:What is IVF?

    Further information can be found here.

  • Q:What is ICSI?

    Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection or ICSI is generally used when there is a male fertility issue. A single healthy sperm is injected directly into the egg.

    Further information can be found on the HFEA’s website.

  • Q:What do you classify as a cycle?

    As soon as an egg collection takes place this is classified as a cycle regardless of the outcome, even if no eggs are collected.

    All viable embryos created from this egg collection are classified as being part of the same cycle and initially you would do a fresh embryo transfer with any remaining being frozen. If the fresh embryo does not result in a baby you would then proceed with transferring any frozen embryos before proceeding to the next egg collection.

  • Q:Do I have to use all my frozen embryos?

    Yes, all frozen embryos must be transferred prior to moving on to the next cycle.

  • Q:What do you count as success?

    On our programmes we only classify a live birth as success.

  • Q:What happens if I am successful on my first cycle, do I get any money back?

    If you are successful on your first cycle or at any point during your treatment allowance this means your programme is complete. You would not get any refund and you cannot use any further treatment.

  • Q:What if my cycle is cancelled prior to egg collection?

    We classify this as a cancelled cycle and Access Fertility would pay a cancellation fee on the first occurrence to the clinic. This would not count towards your cycles of treatment. If you have a second cancelled cycle then you would need to pay this fee before continuing with any remaining treatment.

  • Q:What happens if I fall naturally pregnant?

    Firstly, please give us a call to let us know. Most patients wait to do so until after their clinical pregnancy scan.

    You can then withdraw for a full or partial refund (depending on what treatment you have had) or remain on the programme and use your treatment at a later date.

  • Q:Are your programmes compatible with PGS / PGT-A?

    Yes, you are able to use PGS/PGT-A alongside our programmes but the cost of this is not included in our fees. You would need to pay the clinic directly if you wish to use PGS/PGT-A.

    The one condition we have is that no batching of embryos takes place. What this means is that any viable embryos from your first cycle would be tested and transferred prior to you moving on to your next egg collection.

  • Q:Are your programmes compatible with PGD / PGT-M?

    Unfortunately PGD/PGT-M cannot be used alongside our programmes.

  • Q:Can I choose to have twins?

    The HFEA, the governing body for IVF in the UK, generally recommends single embryo transfers to avoid the risks involved with twinning to both mother and child. After the age of 40, the clinic may recommend a double embryo transfer but this would not necessarily guarantee you having twins.

  • Q:Am I able to batch my embryos on your programmes?

    Batching is not permitted on any programmes. All frozen embryos must be used before you move onto your next egg collection.