How we work with the best IVF clinics in the UK

Access Fertility partner IVF clinics

What do I need to do?

  • Step 1 At the start of your IVF journey, the first step is to consider which programme and which of the Access Fertility clinics is right for you. You can find out more by calling us on 03300 10 20 40 or using our best IVF clinic finder.
  • Step 2 Once you’ve chosen the best IVF clinic and selected the right treatment option, we can start your application for our programmes. There’s no cost involved in applying for our programmes, and the process is quick. You don’t need to come and see us – everything is done over the phone or via email. What’s more, you don’t have to undergo any additional tests or investigations – we liaise with your clinic to get all the information we need. You just need to give your consent for us to share that information. Our medical team collect the data, conduct an assessment and then call you to inform you of the outcome.
  • Step 3 Once you’ve paid and you’re fully enrolled, you can start treatment straight away. We’ll notify the clinic so you can decide when is best for you.
  • Step 4 Throughout your IVF journey, we will communicate with your clinic via our online patient management system to ensure all payments and outcomes are up to date. This means that you can relax and rest assured the admin is taken care of – you don’t need to worry about it.

“We all like to be positive, but with IVF the odds are often against you, so using Access Fertility gives our patients a sense of security knowing that they have a clear vision of what their next steps are.
As their next treatment is already paid for, patients using Access Fertility report decreased stress levels; Although there is no firm evidence between increased stress and infertility treatment we believe that reducing stress is important for a successful outcome.”

Jane Blower – Consultant Embryologist at Leicester Fertility Centre

“We have been working with Access Fertility for several years now and find that it is an extremely good programme for patients. It offers various packages to suit their needs and gives them peace of mind. The patients are always complimentary of Access staff, their support and service. From our perspective the team at Access are always helpful and supportive and we have a great working relationship with them, with regular update meetings and an open line for discussions, this is a great partnership which benefits all.”

Anne Francis, Regional General Manager – UK Region South – Oxford Fertility, Wessex Fertility, Thames Valley Fertility

“Access fertility definitely takes the financial worry out of the process for many patients. It is very straight forward to sign up to and all our patients speak very highly of the service and programmes that are available. The communication between Access Fertility and the clinic is great. We continue to work closely with Access Fertility, offering patients the best financial options possible. IVF treatment is stressful enough for patients so these programmes can really help to ease the financial burdens they may be feeling. As a clinic we love partnering with Access Fertility they are a highly dedicated team of professionals, and we look forward to continuing to work with them in the future.”

Visha Trotman, Deputy Clinic Manager and Head of Nursing at Newlife Clinic, Surrey

Special partner programmes

access fertility partner IVF clinics

We currently offer our original Multi-Cycle Programme, Our Unlimited Programme and our Refund Programme to all our Access Fertility clinics. Additionally, we are piloting our new Bespoke Multi-Cycle Package with five of our clinics – The Lister Clinic (London), Hull & East Riding Fertility, The London Women’s Clinic Wales, Manchester Fertility and Nurture Fertility (Nottingham). Learn more about this tailor-made IVF programme at our best IVF clinics.

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