The all-new IVF Multi-Cycle Programme

If you have had a quick visit to our Multi-Cycle Programme page, you will probably already have a good idea of what this involves. We wanted to take a deeper look so you have all the information you need to choose the right programme for you. Let’s start by explaining what the IVF Multi-Cycle Programme is.

IVF multi-cycle programme

The Access Fertility Multi-Cycle Programme gives you the choice to have multiple IVF (or ICSI) cycles for a fixed, discounted price. If you are concerned about the escalating costs of multiple cycles, this option is the best one for you. By offering multiple cycles we are able to provide our treatment programmes at a significantly lower cost compared to our pay as you go IVF options. Our Multi-Cycle Programme is available to women under 45 who use their own eggs, and no medical review is required.

What is included in the IVF Multi-Cycle Programme?

All of our IVF Programmes include the following as part of the overall package, and are carried out at our partner clinics:

  • Up to 4 cycles of IVF treatment. There are 2, 3 and 4 cycle options, giving you certainty that you have a long term plan in place.
  • Unlimited frozen embryo transfers. The cost of all ALL frozen embryo transfers is covered within the cost of the programme.
  • Cycle monitoring during treatment: this includes appointments during monitoring, blood work (E2, P4, LH), cycle management, a follow-up consultation after the fresh cycle, HFEA fee and ultrasounds.
  • Egg collection: eggs will be extracted using a combination of ultrasound guidance for the aspiration of the ova, and follicular puncture will be performed for egg retrieval.
  • IVF laboratory: state-of-the-art laboratories prepare the embryo for transfer, fertilisation and culturing, as well as sperm preparation. Using the latest time-lapse technology your clinic can monitor the embryos without interrupting the fertilisation process.
  • Embryo transfer: your clinic will prepare the blastocyst transfer and use ultrasound guidance to transfer the embryo. An ultrasound scan at week 6/7 is also included as part of this.
  • Freezing and storage: we cover freezing and storage of fertilised embryos for a year.
    ICSI (intracytoplasmic sperm injection) options are available on all our programmes. However, an additional fee applies if you wish to use ICSI.
  • It is worth noting that the following are not included in any Access Fertility programme: AMH testing, semen evaluations, pre-assessment scans, the cost of drugs, extended storage, donor sperm supplements.

Is the IVF Multi-Cycle Programme right for me?

The Multi-Cycle Programme can be a good option for almost anyone considering IVF. With the UK average success rate for Live Birth per cycle initiated at 23% across all age groups (HFEA) it is likely that most patients will need multiple IVF cycles in order to have a baby.

ivf multi-cycle programme

The Multi-Cycle Programme can be particularly suitable for people who want to put a long term plan in place. Paying for each individual cycle can be emotionally and financially draining. With this programme you know you have a treatment programme prepared for the long term if you need it.

Why choose the IVF Multi-Cycle Programme?

If you are concerned that you will require more than one round of IVF, our Multi-Cycle Programme offers significant savings. The acceptance rate is also 100% as there is no medical review required for this.

As well as the traditional two-cycle programme, we are now offering bespoke multi-cycle packages, giving you the freedom to choose the best option for you. Everyone’s IVF journey is unique, so we are running a pilot scheme where we are offering three and four-cycle IVF packages.

By paying upfront for 2, 3 or 4 cycles, we are able to provide a discounted cost for your fertility treatment. Your IVF journey is stressful and challenging enough without the added implications of financial worry. If you would like more information about our Multi-Cycle Programme, head over to the page or contact our friendly patient advisors for more information.

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