Overview of our Terms and Conditions

IVF Donor Egg Refund Programme | Access Fertility

Key information regarding our programmes

  • Age limit for our programmes

    Refund Programme: 18-39

    Unlimited Programme: 18-37

    Multi-Cycle Programme: 18-44

    Donor Egg Refund Programme: 18-54*

    *Age limits for the Donor Refund Programme will vary from clinic to clinic, please speak to a Patient Advisor for further information.

  • Inclusions

    Please refer to the relevant pricing leaflet for full details of inclusions. You can obtain a copy from your clinic or by contacting us. Please note that inclusions vary by clinic and programme. 

  • Exclusions

    The following items are not covered within Access Fertility Programmes: 

    • Initial consultations, planning consultations, pre-screening tests, post- embryo transfer blood work and Covid-19 testing  
    • Any medications (unless specifically covered in the programme e.g. medication inclusive programme)  
    • Any costs associated with general anaesthetic, or the provision of general anaesthetic   
    • PGD/PGT-M embryo biopsy services (cannot be used on our programmes) or PGS/PGT-A laboratory analysis   
    • Intracytoplasmic morphological sperm injection procedures (IMSI) and/or physiological intracytoplasmic sperm injection  procedures (PICSI)   
    • Donor sperm   
    • Egg and/or sperm cryopreservation and storage services  
  • Prior to starting treatment
    • Our programmes do not include medication, initial consultation or any initial medical investigations. There are two exceptions:
      • Medication inclusive programmes: covers all medication for fresh cycles (not frozen cycles). Only available at Manchester Fertility.
      • Donor Egg Programme medication: please speak to an Access Fertility patient advisor or refer to the relevant pricing leaflet. You can request this either from us or your clinic.
    • Pre-implantation Genetic Screening (PGS) is compatible with our programmes but the batching of embryos is not permitted. If you would like to use PGT-A the fee is paid directly to the clinic.
    • Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) is not compatible with our programmes. Patients cannot use this service whilst going through our programmes.
    • If you wish to freeze all embryos after egg collection a top up fee applies. See the pricing leaflet (request this from us if you do not have a copy) or speak to a Patient Advisor for more information.
    • A full and detailed list of covered and non-covered services is available in the Patient Agreement and varies by programme and clinic. This is provided to patients during the enrolment process with Access Fertility.
    • Any non-covered services or services not listed in the Patient Agreement are payable to the clinic directly (including services not associated with the IVF process itself and further investigations deemed necessary by the clinic).


  • Medical review process for Refund Programmes
    • This is applicable to patients applying for our Refund Programmes, our Unlimited Programme and our Donor Refund Programmes.
    • Eligibility for our Refund Programmes is subject to the outcome of the medical review process. Regrettably not all applicants will be eligible to participate in a Refund Programme but may still be able to participate in our Multi-Cycle Programme.
    • You will need to sign consent forms to give us permission to view your test results and clinic medical records. We will then collect the medical data from the clinic, conduct assessments, and then call you to inform you of the outcome.
    • We can only accept medical notes provided by your clinic (not from a patient’s personal records).
    • We accept test results from the last 18 months. However, if your clinic advises that any tests should be repeated (irrespective of when initially conducted) we will require the updated test results.
    • Medical reviews are conducted on a patient by patient basis and, as such, it is not possible to predetermine the outcome of the review. Applicants should be aware, however, that any patient who has previously had three (or more) unsuccessful IVF cycles is unlikely to be accepted onto a Refund Programme.
  • Payment
    • The Patient must sign the Patient Agreement and make payment in full before treatment begins. We do not offer payment plans.
    • Payment must be made via bank transfer. We do not accept debit or credit cards.
    • We are unable to provide an itemised receipt to patients as payment to clinics covers a wide range of covered services. The Patient Agreement itemises all covered services available to patients. This varies by programme and clinic.
    • Please note our prices are subject to periodic change. For example, they may change annually at some clinics.
    • If you wish to freeze all embryos after egg collection a top up fee applies. Please refer to the relevant pricing booklet (you can request this from us or from your clinic).
    • The freeze-all fee is paid directly to Access Fertility.
    • If ICSI (Intracytoplasmic sperm injection) is required you can upgrade your Access Fertility Programme. The upgrade cost is the difference between the IVF and ICSI programme price. Please refer to the relevant pricing booklet (you can request this from us or from your clinic).
    • A patient can also opt to pay the clinic directly for ICSI
    • Access Fertility shall cover the first fresh cancelled cycle. The cost of any additional cancelled cycles will have to be paid directly to Access Fertility to restart the cycle.
    •  Any costs associated with a frozen cancelled cycle (if any) will need to be paid by the patient directly to the clinic.
    • Once payment is made and the Patient Agreement entered into patients cannot switch programmes nor pay an additional fee to upgrade the number of cycles available in their programme.
    • The use of donor eggs is only available with our Donor Egg Refund Programmes (and is only available at certain clinics).
  • Clinic
    • We cannot provide medical advice and we will not make any medical recommendations to patients. Your treatment will be agreed between you and your doctor at your chosen partner clinic.
    • Treatment, appointments and waiting times to begin the IVF process will be managed by your chosen clinic.
    • Treatment will take place at your chosen partner clinic. All cycles must be completed at the clinic named in the Patient Agreement.
  • Treatment
    • Success is defined as a live birth, not just pregnancy.
    • Miscarriage, medical termination or stillbirth is not considered success under the programme. The patient can continue on their treatment programme in any of the cases stated above.
    • If you have success (delivery of a baby) on the programme, the agreement with Access Fertility comes to an end and you would not be entitled to any further treatment or a refund.
    • All viable frozen embryos must be used before moving onto the next fresh cycle (egg collection). This applies to all patients on all Access Fertility programmes.
    • A cycle counts as a complete cycle when you get to egg collection, regardless of the outcome.
    • Access Fertility programmes cover you for a follow-up consultation after each unsuccessful fresh cycle, but not after a frozen cycle.
    • A cycle is treated as cancelled if it is cancelled prior to having an egg collection and can be restarted at a later date (please refer to ‘Payment’ section).
    • Our Unlimited/Refund/Multi-Cycle treatment Programmes are available to patients using their own eggs.
    • Donor egg treatment is only available on our Donor Egg Refund Programmes (available at certain clinics).
    • While on the programme the patient cannot engage in fertility treatment (e.g. IVF) outside of the programme, including NHS treatment.
  • Refunds
    • A refund will be provided to all patients who have enrolled onto an Unlimited Programme (100% refund) or a 2 or 3 Cycle Refund (or Donor Refund) Programme (50%,70%,100%) should they not have had a live birth at the end of their treatment.
    • A Refund Programme will only be deemed as complete for the purposes of a refund once the patient has transferred all viable embryos in each treatment cycle.
    • The Patient Agreement is between Access Fertility and the patient undergoing egg collection (or receiving donor eggs). This means they are the account holder and any refund will be paid to them.
  • Withdrawal from the programme
    • A patient can withdraw from their treatment programme at any point.
    • If a patient withdraws we will deduct the fees for treatment they have undertaken on the programme and a £150 admin fee.
    • The treatment fees are agreed between Access Fertility and the partner clinic.
    • Access Fertility will not provide an itemised receipt to patients as payment to clinics covers a wide range of covered services. The Patient Agreement itemises all covered services available to patients. This varies by programme and clinic and as such we are unable to include the detail here.
    • Withdrawal amounts are not calculated on a pro-rata basis. 

The contents of this document do not contain an offer that is capable of acceptance.  The purpose of this document is solely to provide information and no contract is entered until the patient is registered with Access Fertility, the programme fee paid and the Patient Agreement signed by both parties.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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