The Beaconsfield Clinic is a satellite of the Lister Fertility Clinic, offering consultant-led, world-leading IVF treatment from its welcoming centre in Buckinghamshire.

Services at the Beaconsfield Clinic

In the first instance, Mr Watson and his team in Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire take care of all scans, blood tests and administration. Additionally, couples do their ovulation induction, cycle monitoring, IUI, fet cycles and blood tests at the Beaconsfield Clinic. Then, egg collection and embryo transfers are carried out at The Lister Fertility Clinic in Chelsea. As a result, patients can reduce the number of visits they need to make to London.

The Lister Fertility Clinic was founded in 1988 with the aim of assisting patients whose IVF treatment has been unsuccessful elsewhere. As such, the clinic uses a holistic, considered approach, informing and supporting patients throughout every step of their treatment.

Nowadays, they help more than 2,000 patients per year to overcome their personal fertility difficulties in an environment of genuine care and warmth. Notably, Lister Fertility Clinic has a reputation as one of the most successful IVF treatment clinics in the UK, supported by Access Fertility’s fixed-cost IVF programmes.

the Beaconsfield clinic fertility clinic Buckinghamshire

Mr Neale Watson – Consultant Gynaecologist and Fertility Specialist

Mr Neale Watson is a Consultant Gynaecologist and Fertility Specialist at The Beaconsfield Clinic in Buckinghamshire. He offers patients initial and follow-up consultations, arranges investigations and discusses treatment options.

Access Fertility IVF Treatment Programmes at the Beaconsfield Clinic

At the beginning of your IVF journey, funding your treatment is probably one of the most important considerations you have. That’s why we offer a range of IVF refund programmes, IVF multi-cycle programme and the IVF Unlimited programme to patients at Lister Fertility Clinic in London and the satellite fertility clinic in Buckinghamshire.

Access Fertility is the first and largest company in the UK to offer IVF Refund programmes. You will receive a refund of up to 100% if you do not have a baby. Furthermore, our IVF Refund programmes are available to patients using their own eggs or donor eggs.

We partner with clinics across the UK to help patients explore IVF treatment options and start families of their own. Consequently, you can reduce the uncertainty of IVF treatment with the financial security that our programmes offer.

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The Beaconsfield Clinic – A Satellite of the Lister Fertility Clinic

Finally, learn more about the world-class private healthcare you can receive at The Beaconsfield Clinic of Fertility by visiting their website:

Little Hall Barn, Windsor End, Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire, HP9 2JW


Guaranteed Inclusions

Unlimited Programme

Refund Programme

Multi-Cycle Programme

Savings on treatment costs IVF / ICSI Cycle

Blastocyst Culture & Transfer

All in cycle bloods & scans

Timelapse Incubator

Embryo Glue

12 months embryo freezing & storage

Unlimited frozen Embryo Transfers

We have been in contact with Kate and she has been so helpful advising us every step of the way. She answered all my questions and provided informative feedback. As this is a sensitive subject, Kate was definitely very much understanding of our situation and friendly.

P, 39 – Bedfordshire

Always friendly and helpful. I have often come to you with many questions throughout my treatment and the programme, and you have always answered any queries I have promptly

C, 34 – Northamptonshire

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