Access Fertility: A different approach for your IVF treatment

Anyone who undergoes IVF treatment is likely to have a long, expensive and emotionally challenging road ahead of them. The treatments are intrusive, expensive and come with a great amount of uncertainty.

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On the one hand, most private clinics provide psychological support to couples, to help them cope with the process. However, from a financial point of view, the support can be lacking.

Financial support from the clinics is usually offered through loans, some at a high cost. Unfortunately, if the treatment is ultimately unsuccessful, it can be tremendously disheartening and often stressful having to continue paying the instalments.

Manage your IVF costs

Access Fertility offers a different approach. The idea came to our CEO and founder, Ash, in 2013: how can we help IVF patients to better manage their costs? One of the few things we can help patients with is reducing or eliminating financial uncertainty. When you start IVF, everything is uncertain – what it will cost you, how long you will undergo treatment and of course, if you will ultimately have a baby.

With Access Fertility, you can plan your IVF treatment and manage the costs far more closely. Treatment is paid in advance, allowing patients to focus their energies on the process instead. What’s more, if your treatment is not successful, you at least have the option of obtaining up to a 100% refund. It is no consolation for the baby you dreamed of, but it is a great help with any debt or savings you may have lost.

To date at Access Fertility we have managed more than 20,000 IVF cycles and almost 5,000 babies have been born. We have also reimbursed more than £9 million for those families who could not have a baby.

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