Supporting you through your IVF journey

Supporting you through your IVF journey

This article was originally published on IVF Babble and is about fertility patient support.

When you’re faced with needing to have IVF treatment to become a parent, cost is often top of the list of concerns. Since NHS IVF has become so restricted, infertile couples and individuals have had to look at other options to fund their journey

The average starting costs of IVF in the UK can be anything upward of £6,000 and it can be a stressful time for would-be parents.

Let us introduce you to the team at Access Fertility, a company that offers a wide range of financial options to help pay for treatment. They are experts when it comes to fertility patient support and provide an IVF patient support service.

Tell us about Access Fertility & the fertility patient support you offer?

Access Fertility is a small company with a big heart. There are only 14 employees which makes our patient experiences more personal. We aim to make IVF affordable and accessible, as well as providing an fertility patient support service.

Our programmes offer patients a 100% refund if they do not have a baby. We are told that this peace of mind relieves a lot of stress and pressure for patients going through this journey.

The company is young but has grown quickly. It has the feel of a start-up with a small tight-knit team working to expand the choices available to patients considering IVF.

How did it all begin?

Access Fertility was started in 2013 by CEO and founder, Ash Carroll-Miller, following a conversation with a US doctor on a long plane journey.

In the beginning it was Ash, working from home, calling clinics to discuss partnerships. The team is super proud of how Ash has grown the business over the past five years.

Access now partners with more than 60 clinics across the country, including Scotland, Wales and Ireland. No patient should be more than hour from an Access Fertility partner and, therefore, able to benefit from an Access Fertility programme and fertility patient support.

What is the company’s ethos with fertility patient support?

Totally patient focussed, caring, professional and high quality. We do not recruit sales people, we do not ‘hound’ patients, the quality of service is exceptional and the staff are truly passionate about what we do. We are very transparent about what we do and we want honest patient feedback. You can see what people have to say over on our Trustpilot page.

Why should people choose to use Access Fertility?

We believe our programmes have a lot to offer patients: affordable fixed fees, multiple cycles, no hidden costs or add-ons and up to a 100 per cent refund if you don’t have a baby.

We work with clinics that have excellent success rates and patient care. Our process is quick and easy and our discounted rates mean you can save 30 per cent or more compared to pay as you go.

Our programmes are also very inclusive so cover everything you should require for your cycle, including unlimited frozen embryo transfers, up to three IVF and/or ICSI cycles (there is also an unlimited option) and the HFEA fee.

Who do you cater for? Couples, single people, the LGBTQ community? Is there an age limit for fertility patient support?

We believe IVF should be available to as many people as possible, which includes single people and same sex couples who have dreams of creating a family. We have a donor refund programme and all our programmes are open to anyone that requires it.

There are age restrictions to each programme, however we have tried to keep these at a level that still ensures accessibility to as many people as possible. Our multi-cycle programme is open to everyone under the age of 45 and you do not need a medical review for this programme. Our refund programmes are available to those under 40 and our donor refund programme is available to patients up to the age of 49. We are experts at providing fertility patient support.

Why do you believe that Access Fertility is a service that is needed within the fertility community?

Access Fertility has become incredibly popular over the last five years. This shows that patients value the service and that it offers something that wasn’t previously available. The refund element gives patients peace of mind if their treatment doesn’t result in a baby.  Unfortunately, it is also true that success rates are usually around 20-30%, meaning most patients will need more than one cycle. Our programmes include multiple cycles so patients can plan properly and know that their treatment is organised.

How do you provide fertility patient support for those experiencing infertility issues?

Going through fertility treatment can be incredibly stressful for patients, their partners and family. We do everything we can to make our process as straightforward as possible. Our patient advisors are there to support patients and deliver information rather than sell. The only targets we set them are around the quality of service they provide.

The quality of support we offer our patients is central to Access Fertility. We always strive to be caring, compassionate and put the patient first.

The fertility world can often seem cold, overly scientific and detached from what it is to be a patient. We can see that IVF babble is trying to change that. By delivering information in a much warmer and friendlier fashion they are offering something no one else does: a truly patient led experience.

What message of support would you give to anyone who may be experiencing fertility issues?

Join IVF Babble. Being part of a community that understands and can provide advice, information and support is very important. No-one can prepare you for the physical and emotional toil the IVF journey will take on you so get your support network in place and learn how to best prepare yourself for the IVF process. Doing your research about the clinics, treatment options and costs is also very important. Don’t just believe what you’re told, get your facts first.

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