Meet the team: Cristina

Cristina lives in Alicante and works as a patient advisor here at Access Fertility. She is originally from Barcelona, and moved to Valencia with her partner. In this interview, we learn more about our partner and her passion for theatre.

Cristina access fertility

What do you do here at Access Fertility, Cristina?

I came into the company primarily to inform patients who would like to undergo IVF treatment in Ireland or the UK. Now that we are working with the Spanish market, I am one of the most experienced people to advise Spanish patients about the treatments we offer, and the benefits of doing a treatment with us instead of paying directly to the clinic.

What attracted you to work at Access Fertility?

I have always been public-facing, in hotels and restaurants, and I have enjoyed working with people. The role at Access Fertility offered me the opportunity to switch from the tourism industry to the healthcare sector and I loved the idea. The truth is that I was attracted to the opportunity to help people. It is so satisfying when you see that you are helping.

What do you enjoy about your work here?

I personally really like to explain everything we offer – the pros, cons, etc. In the end, we are not a sales team, we inform patients about a product that they are already interested in. We give them all the information they need. I love to explain everything we offer, answer all the questions, and be honest with them. If the programme is not really suitable for what they are looking for, I know I can tell them ‘look, this may not be the right option for you and you should ask the clinic what they recommend’. I personally like being able to be honest with people because I don’t have the pressure of having to sell the product to them, I can be myself.

Tell us something interesting that you learned or discovered while working here.

Before joining Access Fertility, I knew about IVF, and even knew people who had gone through the process, but I didn’t understand how complicated it could be, and all the steps that patients had to follow. I thought it was easier – you pay for the treatment and that’s it. Now I have realised that it really is a huge process, not only economically challenging but also psychologically so. The people we have often have lots of questions – many patients do not have medical knowledge, and the information can be very confusing.

And outside of work, what interests you, or what hobbies do you have?

Well, one of my great passions is the theatre. I really like going to see plays, and I used to take part in an amateur theatre group a long time ago. It’s something I love – I really enjoy watching it and participating. Reading a play, performing it, looking for the right costumes or props – it’s a lot of fun. For a few years I worked with children, teaching them to act, move on stage, and lose the embarrassment of public speaking. They are qualities that are good for all of us in life – not only for children, but also for adults!

Cristina access fertility

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