Choosing a fertility clinic near me

People often ask our patient advisors where to start with their fertility journey. The same answer comes up, time and again: “I’d start by choosing a fertility clinic near me.” Given all the many considerations to make, why is this the most important? We take a look at why, when it comes to fertility clinics, it really is all about location, location, location.

choosing a fertility clinic near me

Why location matters

With so many clinics to choose from, it can be overwhelming to pick the right one for you. Of course, it’s important that your clinic offers the treatment you need. However, most treatment is quite universal. Similarly, all clinics will boast particular success rates, which, while interesting, may not be that helpful (see our blog on understanding IVF success rates). What the clinics also have in common, is that they will all need to see you, in person, quite regularly.
From the initial consultation through to the first ultrasound scan, you’ll need to visit your clinic many times, often at short notice. Choosing a clinic near you is essential to avoid any unnecessary inconvenience, stress and cost. Our patient advisor Cristina recently supported a patient who had been travelling a four-hour round trip for their treatment. The patient told her “I’m feeling so tired and disheartened after all these trips, I really wish I’d chosen a fertility clinic near me”.

How do I choose a fertility clinic near me?

Of course, any search engine can help you to ‘find a fertility clinic near me’. Unfortunately, what the search results miss is any detail on the clinic quality and capabilities.

In order to find the information you need, visit the HFEA – the UK governing body for the fertility industry. They offer useful clinic search tool which offers facts such as treatments offered, and patient ratings. Helpfully, it’s all available in a directory that you can navigate according to postcode.

Here at Access Fertility, we want to make it easy for you to find a partner clinic near you. You can be reassured that we carefully select all our clinics to ensure they share our philosophy of personalised, high-quality treatment. Using our clinic finder, you can see which one is in a convenient location for you, and then click through to learn more about them.

We appreciate that starting your fertility journey can be challenging. Chat to our patient advisors about your options – they would be glad to help. Alternatively, you can ask any questions you have to our fertility nurse in a free, 30min fertility chat.

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