Manchester Fertility prides itself on its exceptional attention to patient care. Through a combination of industry-leading technology, the latest treatments, and a personalised approach to their fertility services, Manchester Fertility guarantees you bespoke treatment you can trust. This is reflected in their high level of success; over 5,000 babies have been born as a result of their patient-driven services since they first opened their doors in 1986.

Access Fertility 100% IVF Refunds

Access Fertility is the first and largest company in the UK to offer IVF Refund programmes. You can get up to 100% of your treatment fee refunded if you do not have a baby.

We have a strong focus on IVF cost and we partner with Manchester IVF Fertility to offer patients a range of programmes.

Our IVF Refund programmes are available to patients using their own eggs and patients using donor eggs. Patients can access a package of IVF treatment for a fixed fee, saving up to one third on costs. You can also benefits from up to a 100% refund on your programme fee if you do not have a baby.

We also offer an IVF package which includes the cost of all medication. Take the uncertainty out of IVF with this fixed fee programme which also includes a money-back guarantee if you do not have a baby.

Our Multi-cycle programme offers an even bigger discount on pay-as-you-go prices but without a money-back guarantee.

Our IVF money-back programmes are the first of their kind in the UK. In partnership with Manchester Fertility, these programmes help to support you throughout your personal IVF journey by helping you to understand your options, lower your treatment costs, and take the pressure of repeat cycles off your mind.

Manchester Fertility – IVF Manchester

Manchester Fertility offers discounted and fixed price Multi-cycle and Refund IVF plans, through our partnership with Access Fertility, help make your treatment cost-effective, so you don’t need to worry about funding future cycles if you need them.

Manchester Fertility: Amelia House, 3 Oakwood Square, Cheadle Royal Business Park. Cheshire SK8 3FS.

Guaranteed Inclusions

Donor Refund Programme

Refund Programme

Multi-Cycle Programme

Savings on treatment costs IVF / ICSI Cycle

Blastocyst Culture & Transfer

All in cycle bloods & scans

Timelapse Incubator

Embryo Glue

12 months embryo freezing & storage

Unlimited frozen Embryo Transfers

With no waiting lists for any of their treatments and success rates among the best in the UK, Manchester Fertility is the ideal partner, promising the best chance of conception success for patients struggling with their fertility.

With something that means that absolute world to us it is so refreshing to be able to look at the cost up front so we can plan ahead how we finance our treatment. The refund programme will help soften the blow if treatment doesn’t work for us as we really will be sacrificing so much to have a chance of having a family. Once again thank you for quick response.

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