It can be a real challenge to make sense of IVF costs and it’s important to ask the right questions.

The cost of IVF is an important part of your decision when choosing a clinic. Like most patients you will probably shop around comparing the advertised cost on clinic websites, but are you comparing like for like?

IVF is a costly investment with an uncertain outcome and it’s vital that you understand the true cost before you commit to treatment. Use the following check-list to make sure you’ve asked the right questions to calculate the potential cost of your treatment.

You can also use our handy cost calculator to see what your likely costs will be.

Cost Questions Check-list

  • What is included in the advertised fee?
  • Which services not included am I likely to need and how much are they?
  • What is the likely cost of medication?
  • What can I do to minimise or fix my costs?
  • What % of women in my age group require the additional service I'm being recommended?

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