Undergoing IVF treatment can be a stressful time, both personally and financially. Our patients have been through that journey and their amazing stories could help you make the right choice for you.

Listen to them explain in their own words what they found challenging and what helped them. They want to help you find a way forward and help you make the right decision for you.

Esther and Jonny - IVF over 40

After years of trying and numerous failed cycles Esther and Jonny had phoenix on the Access Fertility Multi-Cycle programme. They share their moving, and at times very challenging, journey through IVF.

Melanie and Gary

Melanie and Gary had their twin boys Toby and Oliver with the help of an Access Fertility Refund Programme. The programme helped them access IVF fertility treatment with the added security of a money-back guarantee if they didn’t have a baby.

Angela and Claire

Angela and Claire were worried about the cost of IVF treatment and that they could only afford to try once. Our Refund Programme and the security of a money-back guarantee gave them the confidence to go-ahead with IVF.

Heidi and Gary

Gary and Heidi with their girls Lexi-May and Phoebe. Lexi-May was born on an Access Fertility Multi-Cycle programme. Our Multi-Cycle programme helps patients to access IVF treatment at a heavily discounted rate compared to traditional pay-as-you-go IVF.

Gemma and David

Gemma and David at home with baby Francesca, who was born with the help of an Access Fertility programme. They opted for a Refund Programme because it helped to take the uncertainty out of IVF.