Unlimited IVF Programme launches in Ireland

For the first time, patients in Ireland will be able to access the Unlimited IVF Refund Programme from Access Fertility, as it becomes exclusively available through fertility clinic, SIMS.

The Access Fertility Unlimited programme offers you as many IVF cycles as you need over two years and a 100% refund if you don’t have a baby, all for a fixed fee.

Ash Miller, CEO and founder of Access Fertility, comments:

“Pay-as-you-go IVF can be expensive and create uncertainty for patients. We want to make the process as simple and secure as we possibly can.

“By offering unlimited treatment for two years with a 100 per cent refund, the patient knows exactly where they stand. They have access to as much treatment as they need and if it’s unsuccessful, the refund means they haven’t lost their money.”

Ash Miller, CEO

The Access Fertility Unlimited programme is available to patients in the UK and Ireland aged under 38 and is subject to a medical review (however no unnecessary or costly additional testing is required). Both ICSI and IVF are included, as are unlimited embryo transfers (fresh and frozen).

How the Unlimited Programme compares to pay-as-you-go IVF

If ‘Sarah’ chose the Unlimited Programme, she might pay €15,000 and over two years choose to have 4 cycles of IVF and 4 FETs. At the end, if sadly she didn’t have a baby, she would be refunded €15,000. Meanwhile, if she had paid for those cycles one-by-one, she would have paid around €18,400 for the IVF alone, which would not be refunded if that treatment was unsuccessful.

Pay-as-you-goUnlimited Programme
Cost of 4 rounds of IVF€18,400€15,000
4 FETs€7,600€0 (included)
Total amount spent€26,000€15,000
Amount eligible for refund€0€15,000

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