IVF round up April 2019

Round up April 2019

We at Access Fertility have pulled together an IVF roundup, including a range of IVF articles for you all in one handy place. We will post a round up each month and would love to know which articles you like most. We hope you find this content interesting and would welcome your feedback about areas of interest we can add to our blogs in the future.

What are we so afraid of? The taboo of infertility by Laura Click

Read Laura’s thought-provoking article here

Fertility in the Workplace

Many people going through IVF do not feel they can tell their employer, and many employers do not have policies in place for how to deal with employees who require IVF treatment. This initiative can help you implement such a policy and will also enable staff and managers to understand the impact of infertility, what fertility treatment is really like so they will be able to support those around them: Fertility Network UK article

Device the size of 5p coin could help infertile couples conceive naturally

Fertility specialists at the University of Southampton created a tiny implant to monitor oxygen, pH and temperature inside the womb to work out what a “healthy” womb environment looks like by comparing measurements from women who are able to conceive with those who are not: Independent.co.uk article

Enter the lottery, win a baby: why your postcode decides whether you qualify for IVF

As pressure on NHS budgets increase, provision for IVF is, in many places, being reduced or eliminated: Independent.co.uk article


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