Something Amazing – Egg Donation & Art

Today acclaimed artist Stuart Semple released thousands of custom made art works to help spark dialogue about egg donation and IVF. 

Visual artist Stuart created 18 “monumental balloon structures” and installed them across the UK as part of a public art project sponsored by The Fertility Partnership.

In addition to today’s public art exhibition, The Fertility Partnership also launched their Share Something Amazing website which is full of information about what egg donation entails.

The aim of the art project is to raise awareness of infertility and egg donation. Every year thousands of women go abroad for egg donation treatment as there can be long waiting lists in UK clinics. Approximately 1,100 woman donated their eggs in the UK in 2013, which is the latest publicly available data from the HFEA.

Oxford Balloonm

Oxford’s Radcliffe Square

Golden Square Soho London 

West Quay, Southampton

Glasgow Royal Exchange Square

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