Infertility Counselling & Continual Improvement

Often people in the fertility field call the IVF process a journey. You might think calling it that is trite, a euphemism borrowed from US clinics, but it’s actually the perfect word. For each individual the route to parenthoodv is different.

Some people find acknowledging the issue and taking the first step the hardest, others struggle with juggling work and appointments and others feel a deep sense of blame or guilt.

Infertility treatment can be hard on a couple or individual, physically and emotionally. Many clinics offer onsite counselling tailored to the stresses surrounding infertility. We at Access Fertility are huge supporters of infertility counselling.

In the UK the British Infertility Counselling Association is the only professional association for infertility counsellors.

“Infertility counselling offers patients an opportunity to explore their thoughts, feelings, beliefs and their relationships in order to reach a better understanding of the meaning and implications of any choice of action they may make; counselling may also offer support to them as they undergo treatment and may help them to accommodate feelings about the outcome of any treatment,” the BICA website states.

“Crucially it is a key way in which clinics can be assured that the consent which patients are giving to their treatment choice is truly informed.”

This year our partner clinic Bourn Hall is working with BICA to examine how the IVF process can be improved and what people find most important along the way. They’ve created the Fertility Journey Survey to help collect the data,

Be sure to fill it out, as your views will give the fertility community greater insight as to what we are doing right and what we need to improve on.

Our team are on hand to chat things through if you’d like to know more about our programmes. You can contact us Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm Get in Touch . As always, we wish you the very best of luck in your fertility journey.

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