Routes to Parenthood

We attend as many fertility shows across the UK as possible as we believe in reaching out in person to help patients understand their options.

Our Managing Director Ash Carroll-Miller recently attended one in Nottingham. Read about why Ash recommend people visit a show. 

Location & Attendees

On 24th April I attended Routes to Parenthood (RTP) in Nottingham at the Village Hotel with our Patient Relationship Manager Olivia. The event itself was intimate with fewer than 15 exhibitors ranging from Fertility Road, our partner clinics CARE Nottingham and Nurture Fertility and of course Access Fertility. The RTP shows are much smaller and relaxed, than say the Fertility Show in London, which makes it possible to speak to all the exhibitors without feeling rushed. The presentation agenda was also interesting with great talks from well-respected medical leaders in fertility such as Mr. James Hopkisson and Prof. Simon Fishel.

Was it busy?

The event started at 9.30am and, as you might expect on a Sunday, there weren’t many people to start off with. The day did start to pick up and by lunchtime there was a steady flow of people coming to speak to all exhibitors. Although RTP is supposed to last until 3.30pm by 2pm the day had started to wind down and exhibitors (including us) were looking to pack away by 2.30pm.

Will I get to speak to a doctor?

Probably, yes. You won’t have many chances to speak to doctors and clinic staff this conveniently (without having to travel between clinics after work). Most clinics who attend will have a consultant, or a senior member of their medical team, present and they are happy to talk to all patients about their individual circumstances and needs. I noticed Mr. James Hopkisson from Nurture Fertility (Nottingham) spend over 30 minutes with one couple which bears thinking about with consultations in the UK ranging from £160 to over £200.

Do I need to attend for the whole day?

On balance, no. There are some interesting presentations but some may not be relevant or interesting to you. I think the best approach is to look at which presentations interest you the most and then plan your visit around those. You should be able to access the schedule for the day on the RTP website in advance of the event. It’s a good idea to think about which exhibitors you want to learn more about too (making a list always helps!). If you were to speak to 5 exhibitors and attend 2 presentations, you’d probably need no more than 2 ½ hours in addition to any travel time.


RTP Nottingham was great for local patients who wanted to learn more about what help they can access locally. The doctors and clinic staff were incredibly patient and generous with their time for the entire day. However, it’s worth planning your visit in advance to get the most of it and you certainly wouldn’t need to stay for the whole day.

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