First ‘money-back guarantee’ IVF scheme launches in UK

A fertility clinic in Manchester has launched a new scheme that will give a refund to patients who fail to have a baby after undertaking IVF treatment.

Manchester Fertility has partnered with Access Fertility, a company specialising in IVF payment planning, to offer the scheme. In order to qualify, patients must be 37 and under and use their own eggs. The scheme entitles patients to have up to 70 percent of their fees refunded if the treatment does not result in a live birth.

One cycle of IVF treatment costs around £3,000 to those unable to access NHS funding, with extra costs for additional services and the necessary drugs. However, despite the significant cost, the chances of conceiving after the first cycle of IVF is around 30 percent, depending on the age of the patient.

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By Ari Haque

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