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Sims IVF and Rotunda IVF have been holding an annual Fertility Awareness Week for the last four years. It is something they are immensely proud and feel it is extremely important for every person to be fertility aware.

This year’s theme is centred on taking ownership of your own fertility. They are championing the slogan „Sooner rather than later“- as many of patients have uttered the phrase:

I wish I had known this when I was younger

We all know the biological clock is ticking but do we actually understand the implications on us? The woman’s age is one of the biggest factors but also male infertility accounts for a third of fertility issues.

What can effect this? Drinking, smoking and recreational drugs can play a massive part in affecting your fertility. When trying to start a family it is just as important for men to cut down on drinking and to exercise more. Smoking should also be cut out. For women medical conditions such as endometriosis and Polycystic ovaries can cause a variety of issues.



So what can we do?

From a female perspective, we need to look after ourselves and be aware of the issues that could affect us in the future. Apart from the obvious such as eating healthily and exercising, a simple blood test could also help us too: the AMH test.

What is an AMH blood test?

It is effectively an „Egg Count“ test. Anti-Mullerian Hormone (AMH) is released from the total pool of eggs left in the ovaries. A woman is born with all the eggs she will ever have. These eggs decline in number with age and so does the AMH level. The level of a woman’s AMH level can be compared with the range expected for her age. So even in our twenties, we can check if our AMH levels are normal for our age- this could impact our decision making for the future. Should I freeze my eggs? Should I think about starting a family if I am in the position to? These are all questions you can start asking yourself once you have the knowledge. Knowledge is power.


Book a free AMH test

During fertility awareness week, we are offering a limited number of free AMH tests. It is a self booking system, so please book yourself into a time slot that suits. You can book on or . For all enquiries: please email



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