IVF costs, explained

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Why can’t I find exact IVF costs for my cycle?

Understandably, those about to embark, or going through a private IVF cycle are keen to understand the IVF costs involved. Exact IVF costs, as you can see from the examples below, are completely variable depending on the individual couple concerned. This is why you will struggle to find a fixed sum that you can easily look up online for a private IVF cycle.

There are some things that most couples may need, however even these IVF costs can be variable and are, of course, different for those using donor eggs or sperm:

Common treatment requirements

  • Consultations and investigations
  • IVF (with ICSI if required – usually required in about 50% of cases) or donor treatment costs
  • Medication
  • Freezing and storage
  • FET
  • HFEA fee

Couples may choose to add on additional elements, and the medication costs can vary greatly so even the above IVF costs aren’t straightforward. Although some example IVF costs have been used here as an average, costs vary on a clinic by clinic basis. The best way to find out a true price for your specific situation is to do your own research and go to a number of clinic patient information events and ask questions.

Ultimately though, until you have had the investigation tests and initial consultation you won’t really know for sure what treatment you require and, therefore, the IVF costs involved. You are not obliged to continue with treatment after the tests and consultation. You might then want to undertake these elements to find out what the issues may be, what will be involved and what the associated costs are for your individual circumstances. You can then leave it there, discuss the results and costs with another provider, or decide to leave it there if you decide not to pursue treatment.

Can I have private tests and initial consultation and still go through the NHS?

Bear in mind that some NHS CCGs will not let you access NHS treatment for fertility problems if you have already had private treatment. The NHS process can take a long time though so it’s possibly worth checking with your GP if it’s acceptable to have the tests and consultation done privately whilst waiting for the NHS referral to go through. This can speed things up for you as you will have the results to hand to give to the NHS consultant, and you will have a greater knowledge and understanding too of your needs and issues to ensure you get the right treatment. Read our article on ‘what I wish I’d known about NHS provision’.

 Managing IVF costs

Image describing the Access Fertility refund programme for IVF costs

What is becoming more popular today are multi cycle and refund packages. These treatment packages allow you access to two or three cycles at a discounted rate than if you were paying for one cycle at a time. You can even, in some cases, get a full second cycle for only a small difference in cost, and many offer up to a 30% saving on treatment so it’s definitely worth looking into.

Some clinics offer these packages of their own and some also partner with organisations like Access Fertility who offers a broader range of packages and plans, and who can also provide up to 100% refund option. With these plans you can get some or all of your money back if your treatment has not resulted in a live birth, which you can then spend in any way you want. You might want to invest it into more treatment, go on holiday to recover from the treatment you’ve had, or pay back loans.

As always you do need to do a bit of detective work to find the most appropriate treatment package for you as they are not all made equal. You need to be clear on what the packages include. Access Fertility’s packages, for example, include unlimited Frozen Embryo Transfers, up to three IVF and/or ICSI cycles (there is also an unlimited option) and the HFEA fee. Add-ons such as Timeplapse technology, blastocyst and embryoglue (where this is offered by the clinic) may also be included. This offers a substantial saving compared to going through the clinic directly for the same elements of treatment.

Medications and the initial tests and consultation are not included in Access Fertility packages. This is because the costs for these vary so much between individuals. Overall multi cycle and refund packages are a fantastic, patient friendly and affordable way to access your fertility treatment. Patients and consultants have told us that the peace of mind they got from having a plan in place to manage the costs was really helpful and even potentially helped with success rates as it reduced a huge element of stress. Find out more information about some of the Access Fertility programmes here and what our patients say here. Alternatively, look at the clinic websites, give them a call or pop along to one of their patient information events.


  1. Remember, just because something is listed or discussed, you don’t have to have it – do your own research.
  2. The tests and initial consultation, which are a similar cost at most clinics, will ultimately determine what treatments you may require.
  3. IVF is an emotional process, don’t make rash decisions based on emotions – think carefully and consider all the options.
  4. Ask for all the options, itemised and written down so you are clear and don’t forget anything.
  5. Research the multi cycle and refund options.
  6. Use the HFEA website to get more information about clinics, costs and treatment,

Examples of prices at UK IVF clinics

Image showing the steps involved in an IVF treatment cycle

Please note that these treatments and prices are average samples only to give a flavour of costs. Treatments and costs will vary from clinic to clinic so it’s important you do your own research using the clinics’ websites and open events:


Initial consultation £190

Review consultation £125

Counselling service for first two sessions No charge (if required)

Additional counselling sessions £65 (if required)


Female fertility investigations

Investigations £400

Viral screening (per person) £100 (both partners need to do this, where there is a partner)

HyCoSy (to determine tubal patency) £450


Male fertility investigations

Semen analysis £125

Semen analysis and telephone consultation £200

Semen analysis and review consultation £250

Surgical sperm retrieval £1800-£3100 (you shouldn’t need this unless there is no other way of producing a sample)



IVF £3250

ICSI (in addition to IVF) £1150

Egg Freezing £3995 (all eggs)


Frozen Embryo Transfer

Transfer of frozen embryos from £1280 (for each one transferred)


 Freezing and Storage

Semen Freezing – 3 sample package price (3 years storage) £850

Semen Freezing – 3 sample package price (10 years storage) £1200

Semen Freezing £300

Subsequent semen samples £200

Embryo freezing (Includes storage for up to 2 years) £500


HFEA Licence Fee

HFEA fee for IVF/Frozen Embryo Transfer/Egg Recipient £80 (all patients must pay this registration fee. It’s a one off fee)

HFEA fee for using donor sperm £37.50



IVF Medication Between £800-£2300 (specific amount depend on what you need in your particular case)

FET HRT Between £200-£300


Treatment Using Donor Eggs

Fresh Egg Donor (partner sperm) £8800

Fresh Egg Donor (donor sperm) £9400

Frozen Egg Donor (price includes ICSI fee) 2 cycle package £9950

Frozen Egg Donor (partner sperm) £6500

Frozen Egg Donor (donor sperm) £7100


Intrauterine Insemination (IUI)

IUI using partner sperm £900

IUI using partner sperm (up to 3 cycles) £1800

IUI using donor sperm £1500

IUI using donor sperm (up to 3 cycles) £3500


Egg Sharing

Screening tests and consultation £395

Egg sharing cycle £1500

Egg sharing & freezing cycle £1500


Pre-implantation Genetic Screening (PGS)

PGS within a single cycle £2100

PGS Package £2900

Additional embryos per biopsy £250


Additional Fees

There are a range of additional treatment options, including:

  • Time-Lapse Embryoscope in addition to IVF
  • Endometrial Scratch
  • Embryoglue
  • Assisted Hatching

Costs for these can start at around £200 up to around £700 but not all these add-ons are felt to be evidence based. They vary from clinic to clinic but you are advised to do your own research on these additional treatment options using the HFEA website.

Hopefully this has given you an insight into some of the average costs and processes involved in the private IVF sector and has been useful for you in considering your journey. As always, feel free to share with anyone you think may find this content useful or contact us for more information.

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