Finding A Fertility Clinic’s Success Rate

Finding A Fertility Clinic’s Success Rate

When looking into clinics for your fertility treatment, it’s natural that you want to know their success rate. New research has revealed that the best place to find the most accurate representation of this is not necessarily the clinic’s own website.

Manchester University research has found that fertility clinics present their data in a range of ways that means that accurately comparing one clinic to another can be near impossible.

Many clinics have created their own ranking tables using parameters they design themselves to compare their clinic to others. But the research suggests that these parameters vary from clinic to clinic, in order to show the reporting clinic as ranking highly.

Success rates do not often differ from clinic to clinic, and when they do the percentage is a nominal amount that does not reflect negatively on their ability to give you successful treatment.

The best and most accurate data for comparing clinics is from the HFEA, which publishes success rate information and allows you to compare clinics in your area.  They collate data from all clinic across the UK, giving you the best unbiased representation of success rates in your area.


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