How much does IVF Cost?

How much does IVF Cost? – Understanding How to Read Your Fertility Clinic’s Price List.

Currently most clinics do not provide a package price for IVF as there are many variables specific to an individual’s medical care that can impact the cost of treatment. All clinics are required by the HFEA  to provide an itemised price list for patients, using our handy guide you should be able to get a good understanding of what treatment you will likely need, which will help you identify the correct prices at your clinic.

This list will not cover every type of diagnostic test or additional technique as every patient is different. There may also be some inclusions that are outlined on this list that your clinic does not feel are appropriate.

IVF clinics have different treatment philosophies and your clinic should be able to explain to you why they don’t feel something on this list is appropriate.

You may also want to consider if Access Fertility programmes are a suitable option for you.

Pre Treatment Diagnosis

Pre Treatment Diagnosis

Additional Techniques you may need or want

You should be able to match this list up to the price list your clinic has provided and identify what you think you need. If you are uncertain you should ask to review the list with your clinic.

In addition to the traditional pay per cycle system some clinics will allow you to share your eggs or sperm with a stranger and received free or reduced cost IVF. This is something you would have to discuss in great detail with your clinic.

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