PRIDE month: A collection of resources on same sex IVF

Since we first launched, Access Fertility has proudly supported people who identify as LGBQT+ to start a family. Each year in June – PRIDE month – we like to shine a light on the couples who’ve shared their fertility story with us. Learn more about their experience with same sex IVF and the advice they have to share in the collection of blogs and videos below. Then discover the resources we have to offer if you’re a lesbian couple considering your pregnancy options.

Hear from the patients we’ve helped

We hear wonderful feedback from the same sex couples we support through IVF, who explain that our simple processes and supportive team help to remove some of the stress of the IVF journey.

Here are just a few of their stories:

Same sex IVF support from Access Fertility

Access Fertility proudly supports same sex couples with our accessible and affordable IVF treatment options. If you are in an LGBTQ+ relationship and require IVF to achieve your dreams of having a baby, then we can help. You may also be able to get a refund if your treatment is not successful. Find out more about the fertility options for same sex couples that we offer in this blog, as well as the alternatives outside our programmes.

New support for lesbian couples undergoing IVF

We know that Shared Motherhood, sometimes called ‘reciprocal IVF’ is a wonderful way for both women in a female couple to play a role, biologically and emotionally in the creation of their baby. Shared Motherhood is now compatible with our Multi-Cycle Programmes and IVF Refund Programme at some of our partner clinics. Please contact us for more information.

Unfortunately Shared Motherhood is not compatible with Donor Egg Refund Programmes and 2 Year Unlimited Programmes.

For more information about all of our programmes and to chat about your options, call our friendly team of patient advisors, who will be glad to help.

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