Round up May 2019

Image of news roundup May 2019

Welcome to Access Fertility’s May’s roundup of useful and interesting IVF related stuff!

Hormone ‘can reduce some women’s chances of miscarriage’

Giving the hormone progesterone to women who have had a miscarriage and experience early bleeding in pregnancy could improve their chances of having baby, a study suggests.

Frozen eggs are the fastest ‘fertility trend’

More women in the UK are choosing to freeze their eggs than ever before, with treatment rates rising by 11% from 2016 to 2017, a report suggests.

‘It tears every part of your life away’: the truth about male infertility

Men are facing a fertility crisis, so why is most practical and emotional support offered to couples struggling to conceive aimed at women?

Can positive thinking really make a difference to our health?

A review of studies concluded that subjective wellbeing, including optimism, is clearly linked with better health and longevity.

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