A New Year’s Eve Arrival – Amy and Nick’s Story

When Amy discovered she couldn’t conceive naturally, paying for IVF treatment privately wasn’t an option. Happily, when she met her current partner, they were given the chance to pursue their dreams of starting a family. Those dreams became a reality when their little Ava arrived, just before Big Ben chimed in 2022.

Discovering my infertility

I first found out that I couldn’t conceive naturally when I was with my ex-partner in 2015. The doctors scanned my fallopian tubes and found that they were blocked, and infected. As a result, they had to remove one and close the other off. They explained that the only way for me to have children would be through IVF.

At the time, I was with someone who had a child from a previous relationship. This meant that were weren’t eligible for IVF treatment through the NHS. Unfortunately paying for private treatment just wasn’t an option.

A new opportunity

That relationship ended, and later, in 2018 I met Nick. We were really keen to start a family together, despite knowing how difficult it might be. However, once again we were unable to receive NHS funded IVF, as Nick smokes.

Nick had gone through a really hard time leading up to this point, after his mum had passed away a couple of years before. Fortunately, there was good to come from such a sad situation, because in her Will she left us money that would allow us to undergo fertility treatment.

Choosing an Access Fertility programme

In December 2020 we went to TFP Thames Valley Fertility and met with their consultant. We were really impressed with the clinic – they were amazing. They told us about Access Fertility, and explained that many of their patients chose the IVF Refund Programme for the reassurance it offered if treatment didn’t go to plan.

We really liked the sound of the Refund Programme, and applied straight away. It was all really smooth and straightforward, and we were offered the three cycle package with a 75% refund.

Our IVF journey

Having started the medication right away, by Spring 2021 we were ready for egg collection. They collected 23! 11 of those made it to blastocyst stage, and 7 were of a good enough quality to freeze. On the clinic’s recommendation, we went for a ‘freeze all’ (learn more about fresh vs frozen cycles in this blog). This allowed us to take a short break after egg collection to recover.

On April 20th 2021, we had our transfer day. It was nerve -wracking, but we were excited, and everything went really well. Then we had our two-week wait.

We’re pregnant!

On 1st May, we had the test result we’d been waiting for – I was pregnant. However, a few weeks later, I had a big bleed. It was really scary, but the clinic reassured us on the phone that from our description, it sounded like a haematoma, rather than a miscarriage. We went in the next day for a scan, and had our fears allays. It had been a haematoma that had come away, and there, clear as day, was a heartbeat. It was such a relief.

A new arrival for the New Year

After our initial scare, the pregnancy went quite smoothly. Still, because we’d conceived via IVF, and it was my first, baby, the doctors explained there was a higher risk of placenta previa. Our baby was due on the 6th January, but the consultants were keen to deliver her early, and on the 27th December, I was induced.

Unfortunately, the induction failed – after four days I’d only reached 3cm dilation. Keen to get baby out, the doctors initiated an emergency C-section. At 11:21pm on 31st December 2021, weighing 6lb 14oz, Ava Helen Gould was born. We chose the middle name to honour her Nanna, who’d helped her come into the world with her generous gift to us.

First Christmas for Ava

Ava was fine after delivery. Despite being a little bit blue in the first few minutes from having the cord wrapped round her neck, she let out a big cry and all was well.

She’s since grown up to be a happy little girl, and 2022 has been magical, getting to know her. We’ve had a lovely cosy Christmas this year, just us, at home, enjoying our first one together as a family.

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