Multiple births under IVF

The question of twin and multiple births due to IVF is contentious. Many women feel that the odds of becoming pregnant is higher if more than one embryo is transferred. Yet, while the chance of having twins (albeit low) may seem attractive, the health risks associated with twin and multiple pregnancies mean that double embryo implantation is not recommended.

Twins and multiple births under IVF

Multiple births under IVF or born naturally can harm the health of both mum and babies. At least half of twins are born premature and underweight, which can lead to serious health complications. You’re also far more likely to have an early or late miscarriage if you’re carrying multiple babies.

The HFEA, the governing body for IVF in the UK, generally recommends single embryo transfers to avoid these risks. After the age of 40, your IVF clinic may recommend a double embryo transfer but this would not necessarily guarantee you having twins. Any remaining embryos can then be frozen for use in later cycles if necessary.

Access Fertility partners with clinics who uphold the HFEA guidance and recommend single embryo transfers. Our programmes are designed to support you should you need several rounds of IVF to have a baby. In that situation, our Multi-Cycle Programme is ideal. The original programme is available to anyone under the age of 45, and you can undergo two fresh cycles of IVF (3 or 4 cycles in selected clinics) with unlimited frozen embryo transfers. Our refund programmes offer a package of treatment (2 or 3 fresh cycles of IVF and unlimited frozen embryo transfers) for a fixed fee with up to a 100% refund if you don’t have a baby.

To discuss which programme would be most suitable for you, use our contact form to provide some basic information, or give us a call on 03300 10 20 40. Our fertility nurse, Kelly, can give you a 30 minute phone consultation, which is entirely free of charge. We look forward to supporting you on your journey to having a baby.

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