Meet the Access fertility team

Hello! We are pleased to introduce you the many faces of the Access Fertility team over the next few months. Each month we will give you an insight into the people who will be supporting you through your Access fertility journey, the people behind the emails and the phone calls. We are a small company so don’t worry, you won’t be bored with hundreds of profiles.

This month we start with our lovely Kate and Isabella.


Hi! My name is IsaImage of five of the Access Fertility teambella Pacheco but people call me Bella. I am Brazilian, born and raised and am the one hiding in the back of this photo (I hate photos of myself). I have lived in the United States, Italy, and now England. I learned so much in the USA, including the language and the culture – I even built some interest for American Football, Go Eagles!

After living in the States for a few years, I moved to Italy, which was my first solo adventure, and I had a marvellous time. I had a lot of fun in Rome where I met many cool people, ate very good food, drank the best wine and learned how to speak the language. It was a fantastic experience. I will always be grateful for my time in Italy, but it was time to move on to some more exciting experiences.

Now I have moved to London, having new experiences every day, learning and growing even more. As one of the newest members of Access Fertility, I am relishing the opportunity to learn new things every day with an amazing crew here to teach me and I look forward to speaking to you about our Access Fertility programmes.



Hi! My name is Kate and I’m the Team Leader at Access Fertility. I am the one with the long blonde hair and black top in the front of this photo (you might be able to tell that I also hate having photos taken). I’ve been here almost 5 years having been with the company since just after its official launch. It’s been amazing to watch the business and the team grow and to be part of thousands of patients’ IVF journeys. Hearing the amazing news on a daily basis of babies being born is definitely the highlight of what we do here at Access.

I’m originally from Oxford and now live in London after studying Psychology in Bristol. Before Access I didn’t have a medical or IVF background but since joining the team I’ve found a passion for this sector that I didn’t know I had. I started off as a patient advisor back in 2014 and instantly realised the importance of having a friendly, helpful voice at the end of the phone especially considering the sensitive and emotional stresses that come with having IVF treatment. The patient experience and patient journey has always been hugely important to me and one of my main focuses as a team leader.

My role now is very varied and keeps me very busy – from assisting the Finance Director, to recruiting new staff and quality assessing the patient advisors. My role is continues to expand as the company grows, which is always very exciting!

Outside of work I enjoy going to the theatre, reading and I love a good pub quiz and, being new to London, I am looking forward to exploring the city a lot more, especially over the summer.

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