Meet the team: Alfonso

Alfonso Sánchez Córcoles is the ‘Country Manager’ for Access Fertility in Spain. From his office in Madrid, he is in charge of overseeing our growth in Spain and forging partnerships with the best clinics throughout the country. In this interview, we learn more about our resident expert.

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Where are you from, Alfonso?

I am from Madrid, and I still live here with my family and my pets – a dog and two kittens. Apart from a couple of years when I was studying in England, in Newcastle, I have always lived here.

What did you do before coming to work here?

I started my career in the pharmaceutical industry. I went from position to position, moving into marketing and then into management. I was in a couple of pharmaceutical companies before I started working for the IVI group, the largest private assisted reproduction group in the world. They hired me to start a new company that was an umbilical cord blood bank. I was there for ten years, until I came across Access Fertility.

What do you do here at Access Fertility?

I am the ‘Country Manager’ of Spain, and I also manage our activity in other countries in Europe – Portugal, Poland and Greece. In Spain I am beginning to share our service with various private fertility clinics. It’s great, because I get to visit the clinics just like I did during my time in the pharmaceutical industry. The truth is that in these twenty years, the sector has changed a lot. There are almost 50% more clinics – the private sector has grown a lot. Public funding for infertility has fallen and of course, the age of patients trying to have a baby for the first time is increasing. Spain has many excellent clinics, and more relaxed legislation – making Spain attractive to many couples from elsewhere who want to have a baby.

What attracted you to working here at Access Fertility?

I found the product concept very attractive, very novel. On the other hand, it is an area that I know a little about and I still had some contacts in the sector. It seemed like a young company, with brilliant people – it seemed like a very attractive project. The programmes will work very well here in Spain. Let’s see how it goes!

What do you enjoy the most about your work here?

I really like the decision-making capacity that the company allows me. I organise my own day to day activities. It is true that with the pandemic it is more difficult to visit centres and clinics, but we have had many meetings through Zoom or Teams. I like to organise my work, I enjoy that freedom, and then you tell the clinics about the product and it is very well received in general.

Tell us something interesting that you have learned in your work here.

I have found meetings through Zoom to be very productive! You can work very well in front of your computer screen. I have also seen that our fertility clinics are very innovative, not only in terms of products but also in the way they run their companies and their marketing. There are many small Spanish companies that do things very well. I have also really liked working with English people again.

And outside of work, what hobbies do you have?

I like to play sports – I go to the gym every day except the weekend. Now I am getting back into swimming too. I like to watch F1, tennis, and the odd football game.

I also love going out with my family for dinner. We usually like to travel, although these days it is more difficult.

I like the movies – I watch everything. I have also become fond of watching series on Netflix like everyone else.

I love reading. I have recently came back to One Hundred Years of Solitude, by Gabriel García Márquez, it is an exciting book. It is difficult to read and to follow, but it is worth it. The last one I have read has impacted me a lot, it deals with the kidnapping at the Olot pharmaceutical company, which had a great impact in the 90s. It is called La Farmacéutica.

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