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What is Access Fertility?

Access Fertility is a small company with a big heart. There are only 14 employees which makes our patient experiences more personal. We aim to make IVF more affordable and accessible to a greater number of people through providing discounted treatment packages in partnership with IVF clinics. Even if you are not concerned about the cost of IVF, I’m sure you would like value for money and this is what Access Fertility programmes offer you.

Programmes are very inclusive and great value. We are told that this peace of mind relieves a lot of stress and pressure for patients going through this journey.

What is the ethos of the company?

Totally patient focussed, caring, professional and high quality. I’m always nervous about this answer as it sounds like a cliché and all companies surely say this, right? I started at Access earlier this year and wondered whether or not what I was told would actually be the reality. I have been so happy to find out it really is a genuinely kind hearted company where patients come first.

We do not recruit sales people, we do not ‘hound’ patients, the quality of service is exceptional and our team is truly passionate about what we do. Our Trustpilot reviews are also very positive and hopefully prove that our patients experience a high quality service. We are professionals and understand the complexities and strains of the IVF process and want to help as many people as possible to realise their dream.

Why should people choose to use Access Fertility?

The main point for me is that we are a small company that genuinely cares about you and your journey.

It’s no wonder our patients and partner clinics talk about our Access Fertility refund programmes as a ’no brainer’ when you consider the following points:

  • One of the most important elements of an Access Fertility programme is that you get up to three cycles of IVF, including unlimited frozen embryo transfers. You are increasing your chances whilst making a saving against paying on a cycle by cycle basis…sounds great to me.
  • We focus on you having a baby not just a positive pregnancy test or scan. Therefore, if you do not have a live birth you will be entitled to a 50%, 70% or 100% refund, depending on which refund programme you are enrolled on. We understand that IVF can be a challenging process so, if you need your refund, you will get your refund. No questions asked. No fuss.
  • Our programmes include unlimited frozen embryo transfers. Each embryo transfer can cost around £1300 if you are not on an Access Fertility programme so big savings again to be had here.
  • Our refund programmes start at around £7,000. Each cycle for IVF if you were to pay on a cycle by cycle basis is around £5,500. These numbers speak for themselves – you get more cycles for not much more money, gaining potential savings of at least 30% against the cycle by cycle approach.
  • Our programmes include as standard selected add-ons such as Timelapse technology and blastocyst culture. These can incur additional costs if you are paying cycle by cycle directly to a clinic but on an Access programme these are included. If you would like add-ons that aren’t included in your package you can pay the clinic directly for these where they are compatible with the Access programme.
  • You get one year freezing and storage included on your programme, again this incurs additional costs if you would like to do this outside of an Access programme.
  • We include one cancelled cycle as part of your package. A cancelled cycle is where a cycle has to be cancelled prior to egg collection. We hope you won’t need this but, if you do, you have peace of mind that you aren’t incurring more expense. If you need more than one cancelled cycle an additional charge will be required but our experience is that one is usually sufficient for most people.
  • You pay the fee up front to Access Fertility and therefore don’t need to worry about keeping track of invoices and funding. We work with the clinic so you don’t need to worry about it.
  • Our process is quick and easy and our customer service is rated excellent by our patients. You can see our Trustpilot reviews here.
  • We have partner clinics across the whole of the UK so you should never be far away from an Access Fertility partner clinic. Find your nearest clinic using our clinic finder here.

We only work with clinics that have good success rates and provide a positive patient experience.

All refund programmes require a medical review but, again this is simple. You have the tests done at the clinic and we use these results plus any previous cycle history to determine which programme you are eligible for. See our FAQ section for more information.

We ultimately hope you will walk away with a baby but, if you don’t, you have the peace of mind that you will get your money back to replenish those savings, pay back the loan or take yourselves off for a well-earned holiday.

*Access Fertility programmes do not include initial consultations, screening tests or  medications as these can vary greatly between each person so you will need to build in the costs for these on top of our Access package. These will be paid to the clinic directly. However, with the potential savings you’ll get from signing up to an Access package you should still be in a better financial position as you’d have to pay for these direct to the clinic anyway.

As we said at the start, why wouldn’t you?

If you think you may be interested in finding out more about an Access Fertility programme, please contact us by calling 03300 10 20 40 or through our contact form here, and we can arrange to send you out the relevant leaflet for your nearest clinic(s).

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