Coronavirus FAQ

  • Q:How is Access Fertility coping with Coronavirus?

    As a business, Access Fertility is in a strong financial position to manage the uncertainty around coronavirus and has a robust structure in place to meet current and future patients’ needs.

    – The company has always been in profit and has built up significant cash reserves to ensure stability in times of unexpected turbulence
    – Even if the current situation was to continue for 12 or 18 months the company’s future would be secure
    – Access Fertility has prepared prudently over the past five years and is in a strong position to manage the current uncertainty and protect our patients
    – We will be ready to resume patient treatment as soon as clinic service returns to normal

    We look forward to getting back to what we do best, and that is supporting you to create the families you dream of when normality returns.

  • Q:What happens if my treatment cycle is cancelled because of Coronavirus?

    In line with our standard policy Access Fertility will cover the cost of one cancelled cycle per programme, whatever the cause. Patients will continue to cover the cost of any additional cancelled cycles.

  • Q:What happens if I make payment and cannot start treatment due to Coronavirus?

    There are no timeframes to start treatment in the current situation. If you have made payment for a programme but cannot begin treatment do not worry, you can begin when you/your clinic are ready.

  • Q:What happens if I have egg collection but cannot attend embryo transfer?

    You would need to check with your clinic but it is likely your embryos would be frozen and stored ready to use at a later date. Access Fertility would cover all frozen embryo transfers and the freezing and storage for 12 months.

  • Q:I’ve had treatment on my programme already but don’t want to/cannot start my next cycle. Is there a time period I need to start my next cycle by?

    There is no time limit on our programmes. If a patient wants to take a break of several months before their next cycle that is possible. If you wish to do this please contact Access Fertility. You can begin when you/your clinic are ready.

  • Q:Can the Unlimited programme be paused?

    Yes, all Unlimited programmes have been paused for 3 months from Monday 16 March. We will keep the situation under review. If you want to start treatment sooner or wish to continue treatment please contact Access Fertility.

  • Q:Opening hours

    Our opening hours are now 9.00am to 5.00pm. Please call us to speak with our team of patient advisors. Alternatively, you can always send an email to